With both parents owning small businesses, I grew up in a family where entrepreneurship is practiced on a daily basis, and where life and business are intricately intertwined. I spent my teenage years working in all facets of the family business from packing boxes in the warehouse, to assisting at tradeshows, providing support at front-end customer facing events.

Technology / Finance

Curiosity is the key attribute that leads to profound discoveries and solutions. Curiosity is a characteristic that I feel I embody because I always welcome new challenges and utilize those experiences to look for solutions. After spending the 2013 summer in the sales and marketing side of a business, I rotated to the IT department where I learned the basics on project management, product research and web design. I was also introduced to the basics of SQL Report Services and our team created reports that could be utilized by other departments. While I do not profess to be an expert in any of these areas, the exposure to the building blocks for a successful IT project gave me a greater appreciation of the knowledge and dedication that is needed to become a specialist in each of the respective fields.


Growing up in a family of four boys, there was always a hefty amount of rivalry and competitiveness swirling around our household. My older brother played division-one lacrosse and my younger brothers, who are still in high school, are both committed to top-ten division-one lacrosse programs. Our family is a big advocate of setting goals both on and off the field as well as mentoring each other to excel at our respective positions.


I am fortunate to have a family that underscores the importance of mentorship and I always welcome the opportunity to influence someone’s life in a positive manner. Having two younger brothers, I try to be a strong role model by being disciplined at my academic and athletic endeavors. I have been privileged to learn under outstanding coaches throughout my career who exemplified the traits of strong leaders. The coach that left the biggest impact was my high school lacrosse coach. He was an honest man whose quiet demeanor masked a fierce competitive spirit that always inspired a player to make a commitment to the team’s vision.