Growing up in a family of four boys, there was always a hefty amount of rivalry and competitiveness swirling around our household. My older brother played division-one lacrosse and my younger brothers, who are still in high school, are both committed to top-ten division-one lacrosse programs. Our family is a big advocate of setting goals both on and off the field as well as mentoring each other to excel at our respective positions.

During my teenage years, my father owned and ran a small business with his two brothers and I spent significant time at his building that was located a short bike ride from our house. It was behind his building in between work chores where I would spend hours throwing the lacrosse ball against the wall to craft my skill. Like life, a devout focus to quality repetition and perfecting the smallest detail can make all the difference, and more often than not, it’s the little things that transcend a player to the highest level.

The sport of lacrosse has always fueled a strong internal drive within me that comes as the result of steady, deliberate preparation. I have always been one of the smallest players on the field, so I had to learn to play smarter, play faster, and make a play when an opportunity presented itself. The lessons learned on the field have instilled me with a sense of determination and persistence, which transfers over into the classroom, permitting me to be both conscientious and focused in my academic endeavors.

After high school, I accepted an athletic scholarship to the University of Delaware. I transferred to the University of Maryland after my freshmen year to play for one of the most successful lacrosse programs in the country, a team that has over twenty-two ‘Final Four’ appearances.

Far more than team and individual honors, the sport gives me the privilege to build strong relationships with my youth and high school coaches, many of whom have become lifelong mentors as well as teammates. I count them among my closest friends. The sport has enabled me to connect with the community by means of teaching younger kids the fundamentals of the game. I have worked at many camps over the years and have also acted as a volunteer at community events in which athletes were requested as role models for the younger students; each of which, has given me a greater sense of respect for the game and the impact that it can have on others. Lastly, lacrosse gives me the fortunate opportunity to travel the United States and meet a diverse group of fellow athletes who all share a passion for the competition and team effort. The game has presented me more than I could ask for and I hope to continually give back to it over the course of my lifetime.

Lacrosse Accolades

  • 2014 ACC Athletics Academic Honor Role
  • Member of the 2014 University of Maryland Men’s Lacrosse Final Four Team (2014).
  • Recipient of the Colonial Athletic Association Commissioner’s Academic Award (2013).
  • Member of the Colonial Athletic Association Men’s All-Rookie team (2013).
  • Named team captain, All-Prep, All-State, All-American as a senior in high school.