Technology / Finance

Technology / Finance

Curiosity is the key attribute that leads to profound discoveries and solutions. Curiosity is a characteristic that I feel I embody because I always welcome new challenges and utilize those experiences to look for solutions. After spending the 2013 summer in the sales and marketing side of a business, I rotated to the IT department where I learned the basics on project management, product research and web design. I was also introduced to the basics of SQL Report Services and our team created reports that could be utilized by other departments. While I do not profess to be an expert in any of these areas, the exposure to the building blocks for a successful IT project gave me a greater appreciation of the knowledge and dedication that is needed to become a specialist in each of the respective fields.

I was fortunate to interact with the Finance department as well. One of the team members mentored me on reading various financial reports and also discussed areas that provide challenges for growing companies. The conversations opened my interest in funding opportunities for fast-growth businesses.

In July, I traveled to New York to attend a Raising Venture Capital Workshop at the General Assembly, an innovative and educational community focused on entrepreneurship. The community offers immersive programs, long-form courses, and workshops on the most relevant skills of the 21st century – from web development, user experience design, to business fundamentals, to data science, to product management and digital marketing. The workshop focused on how financing deals are structured for emerging companies and gave greater clarity around convertible debt and equity plays. The workshop also highlighted innovations in the Private Capital Markets.

For the upcoming summer of 2015, I am seeking an internship where I can challenge myself and expand on the knowledge I gained last summer - experiences in sales, technology, and finance.

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